Gyms Are Crucial to Fight COVID-19

The physical, mental, and emotional damage from the pandemic is increasing nationwide.Experts are pushing data and facts to keep gyms open as part of a solution to fight the negative effects brought on by the virus, lockdowns, and isolation.

What can we do to reverse these devastating trends?

“Fitness plays a critical role in combatting the virus and improving people’s overall physical and mental health,” said Moritsugu in «Exercise Crucial Amid the Stresses of COVID-19». “On the mental health side,” says Greg Degnan, M. medical director of Hancock Wellness Centers in Hancock County, IN, and board member of the Medical Fitness Association, says, “Being able to get out and safely be active is so essential for remaining physically independent, relieving stress,staying connected relationally , managing mood, and, in some cases, staying sober. The safety and well-being of members, staff, and the community remain top of mind for health and fitness clubs. “In states reopening across the country, thousands of fitness centers have developed, in coordination with local and national public health officials, stringent safety and sanitization protocols to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Health Clubs Help America’s Most Vulnerable Populations

“COVID-19 has vividly exposed our unhealthy lifestyles,” says Robert Sallis, M. “And it really is people who follow unhealthy lifestyles who are most at risk for serious complications from COVID-19…You go through the list of risks for dying or being severely ill from COVID-19 and you mostly find the diseases of inactivity. He said, “Chronic health conditions impacting millions of Americans including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes can cause complications and significantly increase the chances of hospitalization and death for those who contract COVID-19.“Because we have not invested adequately in prevention of chronic diseases, we have huge numbers of Americans who are vulnerable to COVID-19 because their immune function is eroded by underlying health conditions,” says Russell Pate, Ph. , professor of exercise science and director of the Children’s Physical Activity Research Group at the University of South Carolina and coordinator of the U. National Physical Activity Plan.

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